A Karaoke Room, 2016

a pop-up, one-person karaoke room installed in John Street Studio

an abridged version of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"on infinite loop and a live webcam feed into the monitor overlapped with karaoke lyrics

Night life in Seoul, specifically manifested in karaoke scenes, veils itself as temporal utopian spaces of self-expression and catharsis. Displacing the public karaoke into an intimate experience between the self and the other in self, I aimed to create a space reserved for individuals to get in/out of touch with themselves through self-performance. The gaze of the webcam is fixed on the individual and the music fixed to Lauper's high pitch. In a strictly controlled and enclosed space of "fun" and performance, how does one begin to fit into/spill out of the given boundaries?